Saturday, March 22, 2025
@ 3 PM

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The Looney Lutherans

Hotdish on the Range. All Hat. No Cattle.

“Everyone had some good laughs and enjoyed the performance. I was amazed at the audience participation.” –Holly, Fridley, MN

Adults - $45
Students - $15​

Giddyup! The Loonies are back in the saddle with this country and cowboy themed show.

~Segments include “Cowboy Up” (practical tips for living off the land), Lutheran cowboy-ish wisdom, and hilarious parodies of classic country songs like, “I’m Falling to Pieces.”

Show Sponsors

Weiss Heating and Cooling

Zamzow Law, LLC

Martz Insurance

Thrivent - Mecan River Group

bring your friends.
enjoy the show.

The McComb-Bruchs Performing Arts Center, working with the Wautoma Area school district, is committed to providing opportunities for students and community members to Participate in and appreciate the arts by providing a diverse selection of musical and theatrical performances.