Waushara Youth Talent Showcase!

The McComb/Bruch’s PAC has put together a project for K-12 students of Waushara County. We want to virtually showcase your student’s talents– whatever that may be! Singing, dancing, art, lego building, sports tricks, science experiments– you name it! We want to bring together the community of Waushara County and display your student’s creativity in a virtual talent showcase from your video submissions. Why should your student participate? Waushara County has always had incredible support for the arts, and we want to encourage our Young Wausharians to have the arts in their lives! Plus, there are five chances to win $50 for those who submit final videos by the deadline. Check out the project’s website (https://sites.google.com/v…/wausharayouthtalentshowcase/home) for details of how to register, how to submit videos, and how it all works! If you have any questions after reviewing our website, contact our coordinators at WausharaYouthTalent@gmail.com.

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