wautoma area school programs
October 19, 2023

One Morning and one Afternoon Show
Ichobod Crane is the new school master in town, but his uppity ways rub some of the residents of Sleepy Hollow the wrong way.  This comedic adaptation of Washington Irving’s classic story is a great all-school show for K-6 with lots of jokes and interactivity, including a live spelling bee.  Schools are invited to bring groups of students to the PAC.

School Programming Prices
$5.00 per student & Free Chaperone ticket with each 16 seats purchased.
For more information, call 920.787.2189 or email Pac@Wautoma.K12.Wi.Us

wautoma area school programs
April 10, 2024

One Morning and one Afternoon Show
Girls Rule as this all-female cast puts classic stories through the contemporary wringer and finds every laugh in these truly wacky tales.  Stories include JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, THE FISHERMAN’S WIFE, THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE, among others.  This show is appropriate for K-6. 

School Programming Prices
$5.00 per student & Free Chaperone ticket with each 16 seats purchased.  For more information, call 920.787.2189 or email Pac@Wautoma.K12.Wi.US

Wautoma area school district

wautoma area school programs

Currently the Wautoma Area School District’s 4K-12 enrollment is about 1,385 and provides music and theater programs for all levels of students.

The PAC hosts many of the Wautoma Area School District’s
musical and theatrical programs.
School performances are from students at
Riverview School, Parkside School and Wautoma High School. 

In Autumn, Wautoma High School presents a musical.
In Spring, a school play. 

For a  schedule go to Https://Www.Wautomasd.Org/Events

Bring your Friends.
Enjoy the show.

The McComb-Bruchs Performing Arts Center, working with the Wautoma Area School District, is committed to promoting opportunities for students and community members to participate in and appreciate the arts by providing a diverse selection of musical and theatrical performances.